Rauch Dein Obst #2

5 Posted by - 22 February 2018 - Cannabis Brand

Rauch Dein Obst – Clipper Lighter

Name : Rauch Dein Obst #2
Size : Large Clipper Lighter
Body Color : Purple, Blue Light, Blue, White
Cap Color : Silver
Year : 2017
Diffusion : Clipper (Europe)

Description : Set of 4 Clipper Lighter, purple, blue light, blue, white, in plastic with the logo of the brand Rauch Dein Obst from Bullet Shop Berlin, Germany. More informations of this entreprise on web site : www.bulletshopberlin.de

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rauch-dein-obst-2-clipper-lighter-cannabis-collection-weednclipper-purple rauch-dein-obst-2-clipper-lighter-cannabis-collection-weednclipper-blue rauch-dein-obst-2-clipper-lighter-cannabis-collection-weednclipper-light-blue rauch-dein-obst-2-clipper-lighter-cannabis-collection-weednclipper-white