Weed Chief Amsterdam #1

10 Posted by - 2 December 2017 - Cannabis Leaf

Weed Chief – Clipper Lighter

Name : Weed Chief #1
Size : Large Clipper Lighter
Body Color : Black
Cap Color : Gold
Designer : Hedonyst
Year : 2017
Diffusion : Clipper (Europe)

Description : Set of 3 large Clipper Lighter, in plastic showing silhouette of a chief with cannabis leaf and text Weed Weed Chef Amsterdam in several colors.

WARING : The print on Hedonyst lighter is not good quality, very thick and go back easily. For more informations, look this video : Hedonyst vs Official Clipper Print

You have more informations on this lighter ? Please contact us to complete this sheet.

weed-chief-amsterdam-hedonyst-1-clipper-lighter-cannabis-collection-weednclipper-yellow weed-chief-amsterdam-hedonyst-1-clipper-lighter-cannabis-collection-weednclipper-blue weed-chief-amsterdam-hedonyst-1-clipper-lighter-cannabis-collection-weednclipper-pink