Weed Team #1

51 Posted by - 8 November 2017 - Cannabis Leaf

Weed Team – Clipper Lighter

Name : Weed Team #1
Size : Large Clipper Lighter
Body Color : Green, Yellow, Red, Blue
Cap Color : Black
Designer : nc
Year : 2017
Diffusion : Clipper (Europe)

Description : Set of 4 large Clipper lighter, green, yellow, red, blue, showing cannabis leaf like weed team with different text AK-47, purple kush, white widow, jack herer on hypno background.

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weed-team-1-clipper-lighter-cannabis-collection-weednclipper-ak47 weed-team-1-clipper-lighter-cannabis-collection-weednclipper-purple-kush weed-team-1-clipper-lighter-cannabis-collection-weednclipper-withe-widow weed-team-1-clipper-lighter-cannabis-collection-weednclipper-jack-herer